EDM Challenge

Few years ago I read one of Danny Gregory’s books and found out about EDM Challenges, a weekly drawing challenge posted in EDM Yahoo group. I attempted to complete the previous ones on the list, but only managed to do 17 before moving on to something else.
On my desk
Once I started drawing again I printed out a list and hanged it above my desk. I kept on debating if I really want to attempt to draw every item in chronological order and if I should use the same medium or format or other unifying method for all of the drawings. Eventually I realized that I was over-thinking it and should just start drawing, because at the moment what I need most is practice. So I grabbed few pre-cut artist trading cards (that I bought ages ago) & a PILOT pen and started drawing.

EDM59 - a sign of fall (drawing of chestnut seed)

EDM59 – a sign of fall (chestnut seed)

Above is the drawing of the chestnut seed for EDM 59 and is probably the one I am happiest with. You can see the others in my Flickr EDM set.


2 thoughts on “EDM Challenge

  1. Jodi

    I didn’t know about this EDM group – will have to go check it out. I love drawing challenging (although scared to commit to something so big) but I won’t be able to resist having a look, I think. I love your chestnut seed. Such great lines in this drawing! Thanks for popping by my blog and giving me such a great list of places to draw! I’ll have to get cracking!!! Thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚


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