I needed to be silent, to retreat into my inner-self, to conserve my energy.  My family is in the transitional stage.  There are small changes happening in our lives, but they are the heralds of the greater changes to come.  I believe that I am on the brink of a new healthier, happier, gentler phase of my life.  I opted for changing and yet, for few more moments, I needed to cling to the familiar while figuring out my own small rituals of accepting the conflicting emotions, letting go of the past and welcoming the long anticipated future.


One thought on “Silence

  1. Jodi

    I feel the same sense of retreat at the moment. I think this is the right time of year for self-reflection too. There’s always a sense of new-ness and possibility in the new year. And yes, I feel the same way about morning pages. I don’t want to see them again! I also have a half-dozen journals/notebooks around the place and am in the process of trying to simplify everything. I think having a small book for location drawings and a sketchbook for at home is a good system and one I’m working towards. Is there a brand of drawing journal you like to use? I’m hunting for recommendations at the moment…I want to buy a large size one for work at home.


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