Perfect Celebration

Yesterday was a year since I started drawing everyday.  I debated about how I should celebrate this tiny achievement and at the end, discarding some of the more grandiose schemes, headed to the Greenwich park to do some outdoor sketching.  The mild spring day seemed to be ideal for it.  The park was filled with joggers, dog walkers, kids and tourists.  I settled on making a quick sketch of the Royal Observatory to loosen up.  There was someone, not too far from me, practicing classical singing.  Soon all the other outside noises and inside chatter in my head disappeared leaving only the song soaring upwards and my hand moving the pen on paper.  I added some colour to the sketch; then feeling that this serene magical experience was perfect and any further sketching or gallery visiting would only detract from it, I went back home.
Sketch of Greenwich Royal Observatory, UK


4 thoughts on “Perfect Celebration

  1. Jodi

    Congratulations! A year of drawing everyday? What an achievement! I absolutely love this sketch – there is so much life in those lines and the colour is so fluid and lovely. I have also experienced that feeling of not being able to top a sketching experience…and simply going home 🙂

  2. rockmelon

    oh my that one is extra good! loving it. What a grand achievement: drawing every day. I am blessed and lucky enough to have a craft desk set up in the room where i homeschool my kids. When they are both busy on some school task i sometimes get to do a little creating.

    1. Zoya Post author

      Thank you. I’ve been a bit slack lately and only manage to sketch about 3-4 times each week, but I’m trying to get back to daily sketching. I sometimes manage to sketch while the youngest plays at the playgrounds. Somehow mine are never busy at the same time nowadays :-D.

      I’m looking forward to having a craft/art desk/corner one day. At the moment I either use the kitchen table or the floor.


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