Off on holiday

I’m off to the Isle of Wight for one-week holiday with my family. From the travel brochure it looks to be a gorgeous place with something interesting for each one of us. I’m mostly looking forward to doing some painting. Recently huge chunks of my time were being used up for the house renovations in the preparation for the sale before the move to Australia. This meant that I wasn’t able to get out on my own to sketch the London’s sights. I often struggle with being flexible and accepting changes to the routine and this time I was finding it specially frustrating, as I want to create a memento for myself of my time in London and also to practice outdoor sketching for the future travels. Where there’s a will there’s a way. A kind (and observant) friend offered to babysit the youngest allowing me to do few drawings at the Charlton House.
Sketch of the Entrance to Charlton House, London, UK
The simple act of sketching for an hour lifted my mood and made me more determine to figure out a way to sketch while travelling with my family. Hopefully I’ll have some drawings to share with you on my return.


4 thoughts on “Off on holiday

    1. Zoya Post author

      🙂 Thanks Jim, I really need to start working on my composition and plan how everything will fit on the paper.

  1. Jodi

    Love this sketch! And yay for your lovely friend who babysat while you sketched. I haven’t sketched in a month (painting only) and starting to get itchy sketching feet…fingers (?!) Sketching while travelling with family is hard to arrange too but I hope you get the chance! Looking forward to seeing some Isle of Wight sketches…

    1. Zoya Post author

      Jodi, thank you. You were right – I forgot how hard it is to find time to sketch while holidaying with the family, specially young kids. However there is a small number of sketches – I just need to scan or photograph them now.


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