Good reason for becoming a professional artist

Sometimes in my mind I play around with the idea of one day becoming a professional artist: how it would feel to have a dedicated well set-up studio space; how much I could achieve if I had long uninterrupted stretches of time dedicated to painting; what joy it would be to see something beautiful and know that I can choose to paint it ahead of other tasks just because it is my job. When I mention my timid dream out-loud to my husband, he looks somewhat puzzled “Art isn’t about making money, is it?”  No, it isn’t, in the same way as any other profession is also not about making money (or at least shouldn’t be).

Recently I came across Gwenn Seemel’s small e-book titled “Art Marketing” and this slide expresses what I feel very succinctly and more clearly than I was able to formulate myself.


2 thoughts on “Good reason for becoming a professional artist

  1. Jodi

    I think making money from art would be nice, only because it would allow you to make more art 🙂 My favourite quote of all time is the Bob Dylan classic: “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” Change that to ‘woman’ and that’s what I reckon, too 🙂 Although on the other hand, having other demands on your time mean you’re limited in some ways, making the art feels more immediate and pressing when you can’t actually get to it all the time. I would like more time, but not an over-abundance of it. I think I would squander it. I certainly did before I had kids!! I would love a studio though. That was we could have our kitchen table back 😉 Btw, I couldn’t see that slide when I clicked on the link. I found the link to the e-book page though. Would you recommend it?

    1. Zoya Post author

      Thanks for pointing out that the link wasn’t working – I fixed it. You can read the e-book for free by clicking on the image or one of the content links. I think it raises some interesting and valid points about art practice.

      I like that quote – would make a great motto for anyone. I think I would treat my own creative time with more respect and be more protective of it if I could “officially” label it as my profession/source of livelihood. While it stays as a hobby it is easily dismissed by others and myself as secondary, not necessary – though the biggest culprit is myself and if I changed my attitude of how important painting/creating is for me most of my family/friends would follow suit.

      I also squandered time before kids and I suspect most people do, however having kids changed me and I’d like to think I would still treat my time as precious even if I had an abundance of it.


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