Spread too thin?

Previous week was my daughter’s last week at the kindergarten and after weeks of procrastinating and putting it off I realised at the last chance that I want to make the personal presents for the teacher and her assistant. I left it too late, but managed to make a simple Chinese knot necklace and beaded crochet brooch just in time to wrap them up on the morning of the last day. My daughter made lovely cards and was very proud to be able to give gifts to the adults, who meant so much to her for the past couple of years.
Sketch of The Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London
I managed to do one decent sketch in the whole week (the one above) and yet also faced the fact that I miss making things by hand. I miss looking through my threads, beads, fabrics; touching them; choosing the combinations that go well together; finding or figuring out a suitable design and finally making something useful. I love sketching as it compels me to slow down and notice the beauty and goodness around me. My sketchbooks provide me with a record of my life – even a simplest of sketches can trigger the flood of memories. Inside my head I have a vision of the watercolour paintings I want to be able to create one day to share the beauty I see in the world. I keep on wondering if knitting, felting, crochet, embroidery, sewing are just distractions from painting – another way for me to procrastinate instead of tackling the next step towards finding my own style, mastering the watercolour medium, finally creating a painting – or if improving my skills in one of these crafts will benefit my art skill set as well. Can I afford to give myself time for pursuing these crafts or should I narrow my focus to painting only?


3 thoughts on “Spread too thin?

  1. Jodi

    There’s definitely room for everything, I think. The trouble comes when you try to deny the creative pursuits you love because they don’t seem to ‘fit’. For a while I tried to convince myself sketchbook drawing was a distraction from painting. But I would feel such a sense of grief if I put the sketchbook away. I think you can’t always make them fit together in a day or even a week, but when the urge comes, do it, I say! I also like to make cards, carve stamps, bake cakes… 🙂
    p.s. fantastic sketch! Really love how you’ve done the bushes with pen and the way you’ve applied colour there. Very effective!

    1. Zoya Post author

      Thank you for your encouragement and sharing of your thoughts. It is helpful to know that there are others, who also try to squash so much into their lives. I’m glad that you came back to sketching as I enjoy seeing your work and finding out about places you visit.

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