Sometimes the answers to the questions, which were asked of no one in particular, but only of self and the Universe, come to us in unexpected ways.  And sometimes the circumstances change removing the need to question altogether.  My daughter is now on school holidays and having much more free time asks me to make things with her.  In the afternoons we are staying at home due to the unexpected summer heat and during her brother’s naps I’m teaching her to knit.

Learning to knitWe also made some Fimo polymer clay beads – a first one for both of us.  I turned some of my daughter’s beads into a simple Chinese knot necklace for her friend’s birthday present.

Chinese knot necklace & polymer clay beadsMaybe this isn’t exactly the type of craft projects I would choose if I was completely free, but I am having fun and enjoying the companionship of doing something together with my daughter.


One thought on “Crafting

  1. Jodi

    Oh, that’s nice you felt similarly about what I wrote about the creative process. I do believe it’s an expression of self, no matter what form it takes. I absolutely love these beads and necklace. And I wish I knew how to knit! We made paper dolls this afternoon and I allowed myself to be absorbed in the activity. It’s something I should make an effort to do more often…


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