Quick sketches

It used to be so easy to justify not drawing: not enough time, no right materials handy, too tired, nothing interesting caught my eye, etc. However with every sketch, no matter how small, I find it harder and harder to believe the truthfulness of my own excuses.
pen sketch of penguin
Every little sketch is a testament to the fact that I can find time and energy for daily sketching and after months of almost daily practice I see wonderful interesting images ready to be captured on paper everywhere.
Quick pen sketches
Being ready for the opportunities leads to rejoicing and using the unexpected gifts of sketching time to record my daily life.
Pen sketches in London

All sketches were done in hand*book sketchbook (3½" × 5½", Portrait ) with Faber Castell PITT Artists Pen.


2 thoughts on “Quick sketches

  1. Jodi

    Fantastic! This is very inspiring. I have to keep reminding myself that quick sketches are better than no sketches (which is what I’ve been doing!) but your quick sketches here are fabulous. Really nice to see this work – so dynamic and really captures the scenes.


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