We usually stay around Cape Town, visiting the same places – suitable for children, within easy reach. Last week we traveled slightly further inland to see a bit more of South Africa. Not much further, probably only about an hour drive. We left the wind and the amazing cloud formations behind. Flatness (relative), blue skies and light. So much bright light – the sunlight reflecting from water and the white surfaces; bouncing, bouncing, getting stronger and filling everything; almost solid, almost audible. I though of David Hockney, coming to California from grey, subdued UK; his reaction to the similar abundance of light, his paintings.
Blue skies & bright light
We stopped by Spier Wine Farm – fascinating example of thriving changing diversifying business. Art inside and outside. I should’ve taken photos. Tamlin Blake – at first I thought her work was tapestries made out of wool, interested in textile art I got closer and realised that they were done from strips of newspapers rolled to resemble thread. Food for thought: recycling, creativity, impermanence, beauty, hard work.
Pen sketch of bridge & mountain

Faber-Castell PITT pen (F) in Moleskine sketchbook (Portrait 9×14 cm)

Headache and not much drawing done.


4 thoughts on “Light

    1. Zoya Post author

      Sadly I didn’t get to look at the craft market very closely as the youngest one was getting tired, but from the glimpses it did look very interesting. Fascinating to see what people in different countries come up with based on their past culture/experiences/art.


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