30 paintings in 30 days

Leslie Saeta of Artists Helping Artists podcast is hosting a “30 paintings in 30 days” challenge during January. I have a block of Fabriano cold pressed watercolour paper (12.5 x 18 cm), which I carried with me during my travels without using. So I thought maybe I can take part – paint some small watercolours, maybe attempt to create bigger ones at the end of the month after my art supplies arrive in the shipping container.

I did a practice painting of the geranium flowers on the 31st of December and was disappointed with the result.
Watercolour of Geranium flowers
I should’ve spent some time on working out a good composition. I overworked some areas and I didn’t create enough contrast.

I didn’t paint yesterday wanting to give up before I really started. What is the likelihood of finding the time to paint everyday and then more time and energy to blog about it! And even if I’ll find the time would I want to share the results?

However, today I wanted to paint again and I thought maybe it is worth trying as I’m unlikely to get any more free time in the future than I have now – at least I’ll know how many watercolours I can paint in 30 days and how long it will take me to paint 30. So I started painting another one of my mum’s garden flowers – begonias, but had to stop after about 45 minutes when my son woke up. I finished it in the evening and will share the final results with you tomorrow. Here is what I had after about 45 minutes.
Watercolour of begonia flower in progress


4 thoughts on “30 paintings in 30 days

  1. anniekitching

    I LOVE that geranium picture! LOVE it! Perhaps I like things to look a tiny bit unfinished; it give it more life. Anyway – I wish I were close and could have the stuff you throw away!


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