Challenge review

I haven’t painted since the last post. My daughter started school and all of us are trying to adjust to the new routines. I’ve accepted that I’m slow at changing and try to be patient with myself. Yet I also realised that painting and drawing calms and grounds me, helps me to see the bigger picture and prevents me from getting caught inside my own tiny personal circle of insignificant daily problems. So I need to find a regular time for painting.

I’m glad that I’ve attempted 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, though I managed to paint only 13 small works. At the start I decided that I’d be happy with 10 – one every three days, therefore I did better than my own goal and know that I could’ve painted more.

I learned that painting often, specially the same or similar subjects, allows to notice one’s limitations and mistakes and gives the opportunity to improve on the previous results while the understanding of the shortcomings is still fresh in one’s mind. Therefore the improvement in skills could be more rapid.

The main thing is the striving for the best, the most harmonious, result that can be obtained. One way to accomplish this is to compare and choose continually – making many designs under one subject and selecting the best.
Arthur Wesley Dow “Composition”

I noticed my lack in some basic drawing and watercolour skills and want to spend some time doing the exercises from the art instruction books that other people have recommended:

    “Composition: a series of exercises in art structure for the use of students and teachers.” by Arthur Wesley Dow – available online
    “Keys to Drawing” by Bert Dodson
    “The Watercolor Book: Materials and Techniques for Today’s Artists” by David Dewey
    “The Art of Watercolor” by Charles LeClair

These are my two favourites out of 13 paintings – I couldn’t choose just one. Which one was yours? You can look through them all by clicking on 30 paintings in 30 days tag.
Watercolour painting of begonia
Watercolour of water lily flower


7 thoughts on “Challenge review

    1. Zoya Post author

      Ruth, thank you for letting me know. I love painting flowers and just bought some begonias for the house, so hopefully there will be few more paintings like the one you like.

  1. Steve Williamson

    Both these paintings show you know what you are about with watercolour! As to drawing skills – I’ve decided to stop beating myself up about them. I think drawing, sketching, and giving myself a pencil guide before I paint are three different skills. I prefer to paint so I’m concentrating on the last one and trying to do without even that!

    1. Zoya Post author

      Steve, thank you for your kind comment. I still have to learn so much about watercolours. I would like to improve my drawing skills, because there are some complex subjects I would love to tackle (mostly transferring on paper the images I have in my head while reading some wonderful books). On the other hand like you I realise that I may just need to concentrate on one area – there is just not enough time for everything, at least at this point in my life.


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