Lisianthus Flowers

Photo of pink lisianthus flowers
A break from painting begonias to paint lisianthus. My first attempt isn’t worth showing. After finishing it I felt frustrated by the two reds, Cotman’s Alizarin Crimson Hue and Cotman’s Cadmium Red Pale Hue, that I had in my palette, I searched through my art supplies box, found Quinacridone Red and added it to my palette. Here are my next two attempts done on Fabriano cold pressed watercolour paper (12.5 x 18 cm)
Watercolour of lisianthus flowers
Watercolour of lisianthus flowers
And the third one done on the slightly larger piece of paper, which I think could be Saunders Waterford HP paper (185grams). Still need to work on my darks.
Watercolour of lisianthus flowers


4 thoughts on “Lisianthus Flowers

  1. Steve Williamson

    I think your sketching skills (from a previous post) are pretty good! These watercolour flowers show beautiyul subtle colours, quite enchanting! The last one is really good – just enough darks to make the painting “read”. Well done!


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