Pansies yet again

I realised that I forgot to show you this sketch of pansies that I’ve done after the first lot, but before the ones I shared on Tuesday.
Watercolour of pansies
It’s in my Moleskine watercolour sketchbook (Landscape 21×13 cm), which means I get to keep it. The thought of brightening someone’s day by a simple act of sending them a letter with a small painting does make it very hard to resist the urge to part with the best work. However I don’t want to keep only the unsuccessful paintings, as I would like to have some representative examples of my progress and the learning process.

Black and white pen sketch of pansies
This week I didn’t feel like getting out my watercolour kit, so instead done some black and white sketches with the Staedtler pigment liner pen attempting to gather ideas for designing some new stamps, which I’ll use to decorate the envelopes. Now I just need to figure out where my set of lino cutting tools is – I suspect it is in one of the still unpacked boxes.

I have to warn you that I’m not yet over sketching the pansies and thanks to their long flowering season I should have plenty of opportunities. They are such lovely, simple and cheerful flowers; and despite their simplicity I discover something new about them each time I paint them. So far I’ve been sketching these beauties.
Viola Tricolour - yellow and purple
However I also have these ones growing on my balcony.
Blue pansy
Blue pansy
Happy creating!


10 thoughts on “Pansies yet again

  1. wisteriainterior

    absolutely gorgeous, you are incredibly talented! I love how you’ve created such a fragile and delicate texture with your watercolours – something that I’m currently trying to master.

    1. Zoya Post author

      Some of them do look very much like little faces. The “facial features” are even more noticeable when sketching them in black and white.

  2. Harriet

    You are very talented, I have enjoyed watching your work improve. Reading and looking at your art has been a pleasure, thank you.


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