Boxes, boxes every where

There is no progress in the quilt making or the stamp carving or anything else for that matter. I was suffering from a severe bout of the packing procrastination and was watching silly amounts of the brainless reality TV instead of doing things that I love, but which require mental energy. However I had an idea for a little watercolour swirling around my mind since I sketched at the aquarium at the end of May and being tired of the nagging feeling I got around to painting it.
Watercolour of a girl riding a seahourse
Ironically, despite first working through 6 pencil sketches, the minute I finished the painting I knew that I wanted to make few small adjustments to the composition and the colours. So I’m planning to do another one – though it will have to wait until after the move as my art and craft supplies are now packed away. Once I started packing it wasn’t too bad – a bit like playing Tetris. Does anyone still play Tetris? I haven’t played it for ages. The boxes are slowly piling up along the walls and it’ll probably be very quiet on this blog for the next few weeks until everything gets unpacked on the other side and I’ll get back into some sort of routine.


One thought on “Boxes, boxes every where

  1. rockmelon

    Hopefully moving has just taken your mojo temporarily and it will be back when you unpack and nest. I’ve done moving many many times and i never did enjoy it. I am obsessive when it comes to unpacking though, i stay up incredibly late and get up extra early and unpack the entire house in a few days (there are 5 of us). Hope to see more creativity from you soon… remember that strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.


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