7/30 – Pear

Dying iris
My irises in the vase are slowly dying, though isn’t it amazing how the petals are becoming translucent. There are more outside in the garden, but I’d rather let them bloom there for longer.

I wasn’t sure what to paint last night until my daughter refused to eat a pear, because it looked too beautiful. And they are gorgeous.
Honey pears
I made a promise to her that I’ll paint a pear in my sketchbook to remind us of its beauty, so she can enjoy their taste before they spoil.
Watercolour sketch of a pear


6 thoughts on “7/30 – Pear

  1. anniekitching

    I love the pear! The actual ones in the photo have the most gorgeous color; if you hadn’t included the photo I would have thought your colors must be off. I also love the iris photo; I think they are my favorite flower.

    1. Zoya Post author

      Annie, thank you. My favourite flowers are tulips – doesn’t look like this garden have any. I wonder if I missed the tulip season.


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