12/30 – Cards

I want to get back into sending birthday cards to my friends, but I keep on forgetting to buy some and thought maybe I can paint some myself to make them a tiny bit more special. This one of the primroses was the first one and I attempted to do another one last night. Except it turned into a complete disaster and if it wasn’t for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge I wouldn’t even show it to you. My daughter thinks it looks a bit like a puppy, I’m arguing that it is more akin to an owl with a headache. 🙂 Either way it is staying at home with me.
Watercolour of iris


8 thoughts on “12/30 – Cards

    1. Zoya Post author

      Please say thank you to her. Funny thing is my husband recently started telling people that I am an artist, while I wouldn’t even dream of calling myself that (though I never was a big fan of labels)

  1. rockmelon

    Not only are you an artist, you are an inspiring artist. I do enjoy your work, even your ‘failures’ tell us all something about you, that art is for you and your soul not just for show. Thanks for the life lesson I’ve learned about ‘art mistakes.’

    1. Zoya Post author

      Rochelle, thank you. I wish there were more words to describe the different types of artists. By itself it seems so huge and at the same time somehow limiting. I hear the word artist and the first image that pops into my mind is a male with a silly hat, an oil paintbrush in one hand and a palette in another – a la Henri Rousseau’s self-portrait.

  2. anniekitching

    The hand-painted cards you have sent me are absolutely precious. And just think – you will have 30 friends taken care of by the end of the month! I admit this one is amusing – but I attribute that to the bad attitude of the flower, not your painting.

    Your husband calling you an artist is the sweetest thing. I think it shows that he is both impressed and proud of you. 🙂 I call you an artist, too..


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