18/30 – Succulents

Flowering succulent
Succulents are very easy to propagate and in the last few months I gathered a small collection by breaking bits of the succulents growing in the nature strips. Some of them are flowering at the moment. I wish I had time during the daylight hours to sketch them outside as most are in the pots that are too large to be easily carried inside.
One is still in a tiny pot, waiting to be replanted. It isn’t flowering, but the colours of the leaves are gorgeous, so in it came to be sketched.
Succulent - watercolour sketch

Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolour in Moleskine watercolour sketchbook (Landscape 21×13 cm)


6 thoughts on “18/30 – Succulents

  1. fiona

    absolutely beautiful plants and painting!!! is there any chance you can tell me whereabout you got your cuttings from? like which suburb and which street? i live in Melbourne too but sadly there are no succulents in nature strips or parks in my neighbourhood. much appreciated!


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