In the garden: purple

While I was away in Queensland, there were few warm days here and the plants exploded into the sea of greenery and the abundance of flowers. Upon my return everything looked so lush. It feels like nature is hungrily enjoying the best of the weather between the chilliness of the winter and the scorching heat of the summer.
Iā€™m slowly getting to know the garden that was designed and planted by strangers. Eventually, in a year or two, it will have to go back to them, so Iā€™m conscious about how I change it and what I plant. I get the impression that the owners liked purple.
Dried up iris
The light purple irises are mostly gone, but now the darker ones are starting to bloom.
Deep purple iris
I made a sketch of one of them in the watercolour Moleskine in about 30 minute ā€“ a small sign of progress: instead of grumbling about the lack of time and daydreaming about what wonderful paintings I could produce if I had few uninterrupted hours every day; I sat down and painted something in the time I had.
Watercolour sketch of iris
Here are the photos of other purple flowers for your enjoyment.
purple daisies
Bee in the purple flowers
I wonder what this one is and if it is edible as the leaves smell like mint.
mint-scented purple flower
Purple climbing rosePurple climbing rose


9 thoughts on “In the garden: purple

    1. Zoya Post author

      šŸ™‚ Oh, it is and I’m looking forward to figuring out what the fruit trees will bear. I wish I knew more about the plants though, so I could take better care of them.

    1. Zoya Post author

      Patsye, thank you for your comment. I would love to paint all the other flowers, but I get more ideas/subjects I want to paint than I have time for, so I’m not sure what will happen. I’m happy for you to use my photo to paint the climbing rose – if you do, let me know as I would love to see the result.

  1. anniekitching

    I love that Iris more than I’ve ever loved anything you’ve painted….when I looked at it, I smelled iris. I think it is brilliant; you’ve captured something so amazing about irises – that sort of translucence. Also, when I was a little bitty girl we lived next to an iris field….someone who grew them and sold – starts, must have been since the iris were all there in flower. My first memories are of walking among the irises with my mom.

    1. Zoya Post author

      Annie, thank you for you for such positive reaction to my little painting. Your regular feedback is one of the things that helps me overcome occasional self-criticism.

      A field of irises in bloom must be an amazing sight. I usually see them as single plants in the gardens, though I remember seeing rows of tulips as a child and after greyness of Russian winter they made the world feel so bright and joyful.

  2. jotsfromasmallapt

    anniekitching (above) is absolutely spot on with her reflections on the watercoloured Iris. It is brilliant! I keep coming back to have a look at it when I need inspiration….so….thank you for that.
    Your work is stunning.

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