Sketching at Sovereign Hill

Wednesday was a public holiday thanks to the horse races, so we decided to visit Sovereign Hill before it gets too hot and too crowded with the summer tourists. Sovereign Hill is a village recreating the life during the 1850s goldrush. There are mines to explore, period buildings to see, costumed staff and volunteers to chat to, food to try out, a tent camp with a stream in which one can pan for gold, etc.
Sovereign Hill -  Main street
Last time I was here was probably about 15 years ago and my most vivid memories were of the candle-making and the tall wooden mine tower.
Sovereign Hill - candle making
My daughter visited Sovereign Hill quite recently on the school excurtion, but wanted to come back to try out some boiled lollies. So while the kids were enjoying their lollies I had my chance to do some urban sketching, but I wasn’t fast enough and had to rush at the end to avoid being “helped” by my son.
Sketching in Sovereign Hill
Sovereign Hill - sketch
I got confused by all the buildings on the left, so ended up with the empty space, which I later used to journal about the trip.
Sovereign Hill - wooden shack


4 thoughts on “Sketching at Sovereign Hill

  1. whimseytopia

    While many here don’t appreciate venues like this, I LOVE these recreations and enjoy the interaction with the “players.” They know their crafts and history, and they’re usually really into it and share with enthusiasm. Sounds like a wonderful day, and how lucky are you to have a young son. What’s a lollie? ….and great sketching. Patsye

    p.s. I did a little panning for gold in a similar setting a month ago, and found an emerald instead. I gave it to the little boy next to me who wasn’t finding anything.

    1. Zoya Post author

      Hi Patsye,
      I found Sovereign Hill lovely, specially now that I have kids, because it is so much easier for them to grasp how life used to be and how certain things work by seeing it instead of just reading or being told. The people, who work there, go around their daily activities and look/act very natural and happy, which I guess helps to create the right atmosphere.

      Lollies are sweets/candy.


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