Christmas Cards

Photo of roses and Christmas cards
After looking in the post office and the various stationary shops I finally found exactly the type of Australian-themed Christmas cards I was looking for at the St Paul’s Cathedral Christmas shop. Now I just need to sort through my address book, ask few people for their new postal addresses, write the cards and take them to the post-office.
Pencil sketch of roses
According to the date on this sketch the cards were bought days ago. With the skies being bright blue, the sun shining down fiercely and everything growing and flowering, it is hard to believe that Christmas is only a month away and to feel the urgency to get the cards out to their international destinations. I better start on it tonight and maybe next year I’ll get around to making my own cards.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards

  1. whimseytopia

    I have decided to paint my own this year. I keep thinking of new ideas and have started some sketches, but nothing in paint yet. I know of a place,, that can provide a 48 turnaround….like getting them in the mail back to me in less than two days. They are great. But I still need to paint a card..

    This is a great sketch. Lots of fine detail and tonal value. I just watched a Janet Rogers dvd and my latest watercolor (the woman) has so much paint on it, it almost looks acrylic. Do you know Roger’s work? Her husband, Steve, also paints.

    Still thinking about your rest house painting. You are really getting good. Thanks for sharing. Patsye

    1. Zoya Post author

      Good luck with painting your own Christmas cards – it is so special to put effort, love and a bit of yourself into letters/cards to others. I always feel happy for the rest of the day when I get a card/letter from someone.

      Thank you for mentioning Janet Rogers – I haven’t come across her work before.


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