Welcome Summer

These are our signs of summer arriving: the grass is starting to dry and yellow, the eucalyptus trees are shedding their bark, the baby birds are venturing outside their nests and shedding their baby feathers.
Signs of Australian summer
I’ve been seeing this Currawong in the garden for weeks and loved observing his careful, yet confident behaviour.
I suspected he was a male. Now the whole family comes to the garden, adults staying next to their baby and being more cautious.
Currawong family
Baby Currawong
My son calls the bits of the eucalyptus bark strewn across our lawn dinosaurs and collects them into the piles.
Eucalyptus bark
Is it winter or summer where you are? Is it snowing yet? Did the trees loose their leaves or do they still linger in their bright golden, red, yellow glory?


4 thoughts on “Welcome Summer

  1. dkatiepowellart

    I loved this post! I love so many birds from Australia and New Zealand — such curious creatures! Forwarding this on to my husband. He is a crow lover. BTW, first snow here yesterday, didn’t stick. Portland is not a heavy snow climate most of the time . . . then there is a big dump here or there.

    1. Zoya Post author

      Sadly I know very little about Australian birds, but I’m lucky enough to have a friend, who I can consult to find out their names, so I’m slowly learning. It was 35C (95F) here yesterday, strange to think that it is snowing somewhere else.


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