Succulents watercolour sketch
A quick sketch of the succulent cuttings in Moleskine watercolour sketchbook (Landscape 21×13 cm) while they were drying out – I read that letting the cut dry for few days helps to prevent the plant from rotting after it is planted. After few days (or maybe even weeks) I planted them with the kids, who were asking for the terrariums for their bedroom. These are not exactly terrariums, but everyone is happy.
Planting succulents
Cup of succulents
This one is for my son’s bedroom. I found the mug in the op-shop (charity second-hand shop) and bought it specially for him as it was in the exactly the colours I want to decorate his bedroom. He was very excited to add pink sparklies (as he calls them) to his little garden.
Succulents in a jar
This one is my daughter’s creation in the coffee jar – I suspect she has plenty of little treasures hidden away for many more terrariums.


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