Watercolour postcard - lemon

Winsor & Newton watercolours on Daler-Rowney watercolour postcard (A6)

Someone has been leaving a box of lemons next to their gate free for the taking and we had quite a few of them by now, so I thought I’ll drop this person a thank you note with a little painting of their lemon.


21 thoughts on “Lemons

    1. Zoya Post author

      Thank you. I’m still struggle with stopping at the right moment and avoiding fiddling too much, so your kind words mean a lot to me.

  1. Connie

    Exquisite! Just the right amount of delicate color and design. I love it and also love the thought of giving this to the “lemon provider”.

    1. Zoya Post author

      Martine, thank you. I struggle as well, it is so easy to loose oneself in painting and complete forget about good intentions to stop before everything turns into mud.

    1. Zoya Post author

      It is wonderful when people share excess produce of their gardens, isn’t it? I’m hoping to be one of them one day, just need to learn a bit more about gardening

      1. anitaozolins

        Haha go for it. Gardening is lovely. I just planted a few things in my new garden, mint basil sunflowers and lavender and a native called geraldton wax. Love it!

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