Pausing to collect

My son collects stones. He tells anyone, who would listen, that they are fossilized dinosaur bones. Sometimes I get frustrated at his constant stopping to look at the stones underfoot and to choose the right one to take home with him. The other day I was walking on my own and noticed a beautiful eucalyptus leaf; so I stopped, picked it up and continued to look for other leaves that would look good together in a painting. At that moment it dawned on me that I pause often enough myself to pick up a feather or a leaf or just to exclaim about how beautiful the clouds look. Oh, the irony!

Watercolour painting of Eucalyptus leaves

Winsor & Newton watercolours on Daler-Rowney watercolour postcard (A6)


6 thoughts on “Pausing to collect

  1. anitaozolins

    So wonderful to admire the simple things around us, strangely these things are what bring us the most joy. The details in life, and nature are so important. Love the colours here and the perfect imperfections of these leaves. Well done xx


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