Experimenting & learning

I was feeling tired last night, so thought I’ll just play around with the paints and try out some of the things I’ve been thinking about lately, like painting without doing a preliminary pencil drawing first; standing while painting to allow wider, looser movements with the whole arm and discouraging fiddling with the paint once it is down on the paper; using the biggest brush I have (not really very large no 12 Rosemary & Co Kolinsky Sable Series 33) to make shapes in as few movements as possible.
Lemons watercolour

Winsor & Newton watercolours on Archers medium watercolour paper (15 x 21 cm)

I’ve been reading watercolour instructional books and studying the beautiful watercolour paintings in the museums and online closely for about two-three years now and it feels like all the information is finally merging together into some sort of better understanding of how to achieve the watercolour style that I like. I would love to have access to a good teacher, who could show me some of the basics quickly and help to speed up the learning process. For now I only have one way to progress – try out what I gleamed from books and online and to practice as much as the available time allows.


12 thoughts on “Experimenting & learning

  1. Yevgenia Watts

    This is wonderfully fresh! I think you’re doing just fine without a teacher, though I can relate to wanting a mentor. Someone to show you the ropes and speed up your learning process.
    Still, this is really nice 🙂

    1. anniekitching

      I agree with Yevgenia….you seem to be doing just fine on your own. I’m so glad you shared about your experimentation. I think those lemons came out beautifully…. They seem slightly unfinished, but I think you captured the bulk of them and the shadows just amazingly.


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