Feathers & Dreamcatchers

My son & I found some broken willow branches during our morning walk. I showed him how flexible they were and told him about basket weaving. He wanted to bring the branches home, which I was fine with, yet I didn’t really want to attempt any complex weaving and was wracking my brain for simple craft ideas. Bing! Lightbulb moment. My daughter was asking to make a dreamcatcher for months, but we didn’t have any hoops. Here was my solution to both problems: we could weave the willow branches into simple loops and make dreamcatchers for all of us.

After watching SeaLemon’s “How to Make a Dreamcatcher” video, my son choose some thread, buttons and feathers from my stash and together we made him a dreamcatcher. My daughter made one for herself later that day with the minimal help from me. I’m still making one for myself as I complicated things by wanting to crochet the web.
Two dreamcatchers
Dreamcatchers close-up
I was joking that I’ll have to find something else to paint with my feather collection being depleted, but my daughter found a gorgeous multi-coloured feather and off I went painting few versions of it.
Watercolour of feathers
Watercolour of parrot feather
Watercolour of parrot feather

All feathers were painted with Winsor & Newton watercolour paints on Arches medium watercolour paper (10.5 x 15 cm)


7 thoughts on “Feathers & Dreamcatchers

    1. Zoya Post author

      Annie, thank you. I should listen to my kids more often and make things with them without worrying about making them the right way or perfect

    1. Zoya Post author

      Laura, thank you. The very fine lines were done with a tiny Rosemary & Co Kolinsky Sable Series 33 brush (3/0). Sometimes I feel that great tools make the painting almost itself.


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