Playing in the journal

Feather (papercut)
I have vague painting ideas floating around the corners of my mind. I’m trying to gently tease them out by playing in my studio journal, which is the repository of random thoughts, quotes from books I read, brochures from exhibitions I went to, family photos, letters from friends, notes on the art materials and craft projects. I use it very sporadically, but reading Gwen Diehn‘s “The Decorated Page” makes me want to pull it out and record something in it everyday. I usually don’t show it to others, but thought you may enjoy having a glance at this page created using watercolours, paper-cut and Sunprint feather prints.
Art Journal Page


9 thoughts on “Playing in the journal

  1. Steve Williamson

    What a lovely idea. My idea end up of scraps of paper and then get lost!

    I like the watercolour background and your skill with mixed media, something I still shy away from. The juxtaposition of shapes and textures is inspirational. Thank you for sharing the pages. Maybe this is my way into mixing it up.

    1. Zoya Post author

      Steve, thank you. I don’t usually do mixed media/collage type of work as I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing, but I really like complex multi-layered journals, so I guess I better keep on making them and learn in the process.


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