Trying new paper

Recently I’ve been using small Fabriano Venezia sketchbook for my casual quick sketches and I love it, so I decided to try Fabriano’s watercolour paper, as I’m not 100% happy with Arches. I bought two sheets of 300 gsm Fabriano Artistico – one CP and one HP.

Watercolour of sea shells

Winsor & Newton watercolours on Fabriano Artistico HP watercolour paper (4 x 6 inches)

I loved painting on the hot-pressed paper, as it has smoother surface than Arches HP and there is less (no?) granulation. And since it is so smooth, it scans beautifully and there is almost no Photoshop adjustments needed to remove unwanted watercolour paper texture.
Watercolour of Blue feathers

Winsor & Newton watercolours on Fabriano Artistico CP watercolour paper (4 x 6 inches)

I liked the cold-pressed paper, but need to experiment a bit more with both Fabriano & Arches CP papers (preferably in the same painting session) to make up my mind on which one I prefer.


14 thoughts on “Trying new paper

    1. Zoya Post author

      Charlie, isn’t it a pleasure to find the right paper that works well with your style!? I think I’ll keep on using hot-press for feathers & still-life paintings, but I want to try cold-press for some illustration type of paintings.

      1. Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

        It is a pleasure! I really the the paper in the Pentalic Aqua journal I’m using now, but I can find them anymore. They’ve been shopped out everywhere and I’ve had two orders cancelled and informed they don’t have them anywhere. Looks like I’ll have to move to something else from now on sadly.

      2. Zoya Post author

        Charlie, I also used to have a sketchbook that I liked, until the company changed paper to a lower quality one. I hope you’ll find something else that works for you.

  1. cavepainter

    I used to use the soft press from Fabriano Artistico and that’s a nice one too because it gives you a little texture for better granulation but is smoother than normal cold press. 🙂

  2. Steve Williamson

    Your beautiful feathers show how good hot pressed paper is for detail, but they are also painterly as well. Now that is some achievement!

    I tried it for landscape but it absorbs the water differently and I made a complete hash of it. Arches rough is what I use when the muse is in full flow …


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