painting tulipsI always thought that one day I’ll find time to study drawing and painting, but always there was something else to be done first. On the 20th of April 2012 I decided to draw everyday and for the next two years I stuck with this resolution.  Currently I still aim to draw or paint something each day, but don’t always succeed.

Most of my sketches/drawings were done with black pen and eventually I wanted to add some colour.  I choose watercolours, because I already owned some paints and brushes and the watercolour materials are relatively inexpensive, portable and kids-friendly.  The more I painted with the watercolours the more I fell in love with this fluid, unpredictable and magical medium.

I think of myself as an artist in training. Most of the time I’m painfully aware of my lack of skills and have only vague idea of what my overall goals are.  And yet there are moments when I see something breathtakingly beautiful and I have no words to describe the beauty and my reaction to it, but I know that if I keep on practicing and learning one day I will be able to paint my view of the world for you. Drawing and painting are my choosen forms of communication. I am in love with the lines, the colours, the light and the shadows.


6 thoughts on “About

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  2. kestrelart

    Thanks for calling by at my blog. I followed back here. Actually, I had already seen some of your drawings in passing. I really enjoyed your sketches.
    I have no business commenting on your life so will do so anyway – based on my own life.
    Please do use those moments captured from your children to create your art. Do it often. Let them be bored while you paint. And then they come to see what you are doing and try it themselves. They see grown ups draw and paint and it is not something to be abandoned as a childish activity as they themselves grow up. You are an example to them and kids need role models of creativity in this utilitarian exam-driven narrow-minded culture. It’s a bit like cooking instead of serving ready meals – the children then want to cook.
    So none of my business but so what.
    Good luck.

    1. Zoya Post author

      Thank you for your comment. I completely agree with you and believe that the easiest way to influence the children is to talk/teach less and do more, specially when it comes to the things that one enjoys/feels passionate about. Again, thanks for commenting


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